It is the policy of this company to conduct all operations as safely and efficiently as possible.  As a motor carrier we have the ultimate responsibility to perform our work and driving skills in a professional manner.  It is our duty and moral responsibility to driver in a manner that reflects a genuine concern for the motoring public, those with whom we share the nations' highway. 
In keeping with the mission statement of Hepta Run Inc., it is the goal of this company to qualify only professional drivers.
To assist in achieving this goal, the following hiring policy and procedures will apply.  Following these procedures will insure that we hire only experienced, qualified drivers who can pass stringent D.O.T. requirements.
The safe, efficient transport of property is crucial to the success of our organization.  In accordance with U. S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) regulations, as adopted for each state we service in and in support of Hepta Run's commitment to safety, all driver applicants will be required to meet the following criteria to be considered for a driver position.
Drivers applicants for driving positions, where the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is greater than 26,000 pounds must meet the following requirements: